Additional Newborn Booking Information

I’ve been shooting newborns since 2007, and I photograph hundreds of brand new babies every year. Several of my nurse clients have sworn that I am a “baby whisperer”, and I was just voted #8 as Canada’s most popular photographer. I do also have my Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers course.

ALSO included in my newborn service is my MOBILE studio.  I literally take my whole studio and bring it to you. You get access to everything that would be on set at a traditional newborn studio shoot, without ever having to leave your home.

I’m a c-section mamma, and also a former NICU mamma, and I understand just how hard it is to leave the house with a baby who is only a few days old.

In order to be able to get all of my moms in within those precious first 10 days of life, I only hold 10 newborn spots per month.

Why Mobile Studio?

Because you’re exhausted. And overwhelmed. And Healing. And did I mention, exhausted?

Getting out the door is overwhelming with a brand new baby. And possibly painful, if you’re recovering from tearing or a c section.  (Ask any mom who has been pooped/puked on while trying to get out the door to a newborn appointment).

Also: I am located in the deep SE, which means you will likely have to drive to come and see me. Your baby will fall asleep on the deerfoot, and then be WIDE Awake once you pull them out of the car seat. When I come to you, we can guarantee that your baby falls asleep on schedule for your shoot.

One last note: I cannot stress newborn safety enough. In addition to adhering to strict safety practices for your baby, please also know that I am insured, and also have a valid Calgary Business License. In order to obtain this license (which is renewed annually), photographers are required to submit to a Calgary Police Services background check.

Please don’t be shy to contact me, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

See what other clients have to say about me here: reviews.



How to prepare for your newborn shoot:

(note: no extra charge for mobile studio – I bring everything to you)

1. Brand new babies with full bellies make the sleepiest babies:

All of my newborn sessions are on location, “mobile” sessions.  I ask that you aim to be just finishing up your feeding as I am arriving if possible!) It typically takes me about 20 minutes to set up, so if our appointment is for 10:00 am, please aim to have baby fed and ready to go around 10:20 am. Our shoot “time” starts from the first shot out of the camera, and the shoot will continue on for 2-2.5 hours.   In this example, an 10:00 am appt would technically start at about 10:20 am, and run from 10:20 – 12:20 or 12:50/1:00 pm. Tear-down and packup takes about another 15-20 minutes.  I typically have a 10 am and a 3pm spot to choose from.

The younger your baby is, the easier it will be to settle, pose, and get them to sleep. I strongly recommend that newborn sessions take place within the first 10 days of baby’s life. I typically do not take babies outside of the 14 day window, (unless they were premature, or held back in the nicu). The difference in a 1 week vs 3 week old baby is HUGE.  Most of the babies you see here on my website were 5-8 days old.

There will be some different poses that I will ask that you help me in being a bit more “hands on” – ie shots that give the illusion of baby holding their head up on their own, or any kind of shot where baby appears to be “balanced”. These sorts of shots are a composite of several images, and I ask that the parents assist in spotting the baby as I shoot.  I do not bring an assistant to my shoots, as I find there are already enough bodies (and energy!) in the room.

2. Reading Baby:

As a newborn photographer, it is my job to “read” your baby’s cues.  Not all adults sleep on their tummies, and not all babies sleep in the same position either. So, my job is to read the cues that you baby gives.  I typically start with more simple poses, and work into the more complicated poses. I can definitely try and create similar looks to what you may have seen online, but please keep in mind that if your baby isn’t comfortable or can’t safely be put into a pose, that I will not force them into that pose.  I should also note that “hanging”, “sling” and “froggy” pose are some of those more complicated poses. Some babies will do them, and some won’t. Some babies have reflux and don’t want pressure against their chest, and some are curlier than others, etc etc.  I am happy to try more complicated poses at the end of your session, once we have a good number of top shots captured for you.

3. Babies are more sensitive than we give them credit for:

If you are stressed, your baby is going to sense it, and react.  Having a baby is a huge event, and this shoot is to celebrate your new love. Please try not to stress over “will my baby sleep? what if s/he cries”?   99.9% of babies will sleep – I have a few tricks up my sleep to settle, support, and soothe them during our session. Please feel free to sit back, and relax, and enjoy watching me document your baby at such a brand new stage.

4. What I bring:

While I do have a full “newborn kit”, you are welcome to bring your own props and accessories into the mix.  I often suggest: blankets, handmade items, stuffies, jerseys, etc. props/themes are often good ideas.  Here is a loose idea of what is in my newborn kit:

Baby backdrop stands

Heaters, baby warmers

Lighting (if necessary)

Posing Pillow

Blanket backdrops

Blankets (various colours/ patterns available – white, blue, pink, purple, black, nova scotia tartan…….)


Baby Bed/Crib



Posing Sleeves

Diaper Covers




Cozies/ themed items – football cozie, mermaid outfit, tutus, ninja turtle, cowboy knit hat, super hero, pilot, froggy, so’wester……..)


Click here for a visual listing of all of the props in my kit. If there is something that you are looking for that isn’t shown on this page, you are welcome to provide it to use in your photos. 

If there is something specific that you are looking for, I have two different ladies that I work with who make AMAZING props:

Crazy Awesome Creations (If you’re looking for awesome tutus, look no further!)

Creative Energy (most of my knit props are from her shop. They are ridiculously cute! )

5. Poop Happens:

I want to address this one, because it seems to be a big concern for some parents.  POOP (and pee) HAPPENS.  Your newborn will likely poop on me, or you, or the blanket, (or your arm… the posing pillow… etc).  This is 100% normal.  All of my blankets and wraps are put through a sanitize wash cycle between babies. Please don’t be embarrassed when it happens (it is a “when”, not an “if” with about 99% of babies).

6. Multiples:

I do *not* charge extra for twins or triplets. Please let me know that I’ll be working with multiples upon booking, so that I can set aside enough time to photograph your babies, and allow extra settling time.

7. Booking:  I only hold 10 spots per month,  with “standby” bookings coming up as available.   I typically do book solid with a waiting list, and many moms book in as early as 12 weeks along, to make sure their spot is held. Some due dates (months) are busier than others, don’t be shy to contact me to ask!