2 Photographer Wedding Packages

In 2007, I started shooting weddings with my Fiance, and we evolved into a Husband and Wife photography team. Fast forward to today, and I have noticed an increase in inquiries for 2 photographer weddings. Most of my clients are looking to have the groom’s first look at his bride captured, while also capturing the bride’s first look at her groom:



You might be surprised to read that the above images were captured simultaneously by one photographer.  In fact, I transitioned to shooting most of my weddings as a solo photographer about 6 years ago.  That’ts not to say that I’m not open to hiring a second photographer upon request (this is what most of the 2 photographer packages you see listed do as well).  However, I am completely comfortable capturing both bride and groom getting ready, as well as both first looks.   How?  I shoot all of my weddings on 2-3 cameras, and have mastered the art of appearing to be in 2 places at once.  Why would I prefer to shoot this way? The answer is simple, really. I’ve been shooting weddings for 11+ years now, and want all of your images to be backed by that level of experience, on professional equipment, to multiple capture cards, and backed up in Quadruplicate.  As a sole shooter, I can guarantee just that!



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