Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions (and answers) I frequently receive! If you question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact me!


Q: How long have you been shooting weddings?

A: Since 2007.  This is my full time job, and I love it!  I typically shoot 30-40 weddings per year, and 100-120 newborns per year. I have shot over 300 weddings to date.


Q: How far in advance do we need to book with you?

A: I currently book up to 2 years in advance for the most popular dates.   (I typically book solid on every Saturday from June – October for weddings ).


Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: My style has definitely evolved over the past 10+ years. My style for weddings really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. When I first started shooting weddings, the “style” was high contrast, colour pops, etc. From there it has transitioned to soft glowy and blush, less contrast, but still sharp images. My goal when shooting is to achieve the style and look that you like – I’m able to achieve a wide range of lighting styles and try to tailor to what the client prefers. In terms of my style while shooting, I’m a mix of direction and photojournalistic. I’m happy to give direction, and also to sit back and grab the candids as they unfold. For example, I would say something like “slow dance together” or “hold hands and walk towards me” and then make little adjustments as we shoot, so that your poses don’t feel too stiff or stuffy, but give enough direction to let you know if something looks “off”. (ie double chin etc).

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: I shoot on three full frame professional Canon Cameras.
I typically have two cameras hanging off me at all times. (The third sits in my bag at all times). All of my lenses are Canon L series Professional Lenses, (plus my sigma 35mm ART). Lighting is a series of Canon 600 Speedlites. Essentially, I carry two of everything, and have a backup for everything – extra camera, backup lighting kit (alienbees), backup lenses. The reason for shooting on two camera bodies is twofold: 1) you’re getting two angles of everything simultaneously – wide angle and tight shots without having to run and change gear – and 2) you’re getting two copies at the same time as well. The canon 5D mk 3 is my main body, and it writes to two capture cards simultaneously. This means a backup copy is generated to the minute as we shoot.

In addition to actual camera equipment, here is the other half of my workflow is as follows:
All images are backed up in QUADRUPLICATE+. This means that once your wedding is finished, I load your images to my computer (which is a RAID device which makes TWO identical copies of your images, synched to the second). My lightroom program synchs to a cloud backup (3rd copy). Once your images are loaded, I then cut them to a separate dropbox account(4 copy)t, which is hosted on a hard drive separate from my working files (technically, a 5 copy). Your files never leave my office, and I’m working from a private network. Also, after hearing horror stories about photography computer equipment being stolen, my location also has an alarm system 🙂

All 4 backup copies are kept until your final USB is finished, and sent to you.


Q: Do you do prints/albums?


A: In a day where prints and albums are at everyone’s fingertips, I offer retouching credits instead of prints/albums.  Here is how it works:  Once I’ve shot your wedding, I go through and do a light edit on all of your images. They are corrected for exposure, cropping, colour, etc.  I will then go in and do an extra edit on the shots that really sparkle.  On top of this, you receive a number of retouch credits, where you can opt to have additional retouching done. This can be everything from basic skin edits, to face swapping in a group photo, body contouring, etc.   I do release ALL lightly edited and detailed edited images to you though, so you are welcome to print etc any image you would like, at the printer of your choice.



Q: Do you shoot in black and white and colour?

A: I shoot in colour and then batch convert copies to b&w. (In the end, you receive copies of everything in both colour and black and white, but it is done as part of the editing process, not in camera, to maximize the efficiency of our shooting time).



Q: Can we give you a list of specific shots we like?

A: Absolutely. In fact, I have a blank checklist that I give to all of my clients as “homework” before the wedding day. I typically ask for it back 1-2 weeks prewedding, and it sits in my pocket on the wedding day to make sure that I get everything that is important to YOU! 🙂


Q: What information would you need from us before the wedding date?

A: I would require the contract completed to hold the date, plus the checklist completed 1-2 weeks pre wedding.


Q: Will there be a written contract?
A: Absolutely. I wouldn’t shoot a wedding without one – I can send over a copy for you to review if you’d like.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: I require 25% deposit to hold your spot. (25% of (package price +gst). Once received, this deposit is not refundable, or transferrable. This is covered in the contract:)


Q: What is your turnaround time? Will I be kept in the “loop”?

A: Turnaround time is 1-3months following your wedding day. This time varies based on the volume of weddings in the queue, and the time of year. For example, if I photograph 8-12 weddings in August, and only 3 in January, August’s weddings are going to take longer to turn around. During times where I’m handling a higher queue, a spreadsheet will be shared with all clients, showing the status of editing, updated daily.



Q: Are you a registered company? What about Insurance?

A: Yes, I am a federally incorporated company, and I am covered for up to 2mil in liability insurance. If your venue requires proof of this, I am more than happy to provide them with a copy. 🙂


Q: Do you release ALL of the images to us ? Or only the top hundred or so?

A: I release ALL lightly edited images to you.  (These will be culled, and lightly edited).  For an 8 hour day, this could look like approx 1500-2500 images, depending on the flow of your day.  On your finished USB, you will see 3 folders: “Colour”, “BW”, and “Photographers Favourites”.   The “photographers favourites” folder is typically what some photographers will only release, the rest are me “showing my work”.  The reason I do this is this: I feel that you should have the rights to ALL of your lightly edited images, and yes, it takes me a little longer to go through and return this many images to you. However, as time passes after the wedding and certain family members may not longer be with us, I feel it is important to still have those images, even if they’re not the top hundred or so of the day.